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Please imagine Carol Burnett saying that… I’ve avoided stopping by my own blog due to blog shame. I haven’t posted in months…going on almost a year. I am not sure what my role in teacher blog land is – and … Continue reading

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Phase 1

It feels VERY good to have kept up with most of what I wanted to accomplish this week! Did one house cleaning/keeping job each day – because I really hated spending Saturday AND Sunday cleaning, errand running, and grocery shopping. Wasn’t … Continue reading

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Is it January Already?

OK, I have been TERRIBLE at posting. Is there a worse word than terrible? Probably. A lot has happened since November 3 – Thanksgiving, sooner-than-expected death in the family, Christmas (and all the ensuing activities – baking, wrapping, shopping, not … Continue reading

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People – including Middle School People!

My school, Crestview Middle School, has adopted the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (and Teens…) as a way to “be”. The staff was provided an opportunity this past summer to participate in a three day 7 Habits training session, led … Continue reading

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Guilty as Charged…

I have read that if a blogger misses a week or so, well, it’s kind of like dieting or exercising – it’s REALLY hard to start back up. In fact, on Pinterest I found a pin which basically says if … Continue reading

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A Little Bit More

I want to share my totally productive pre-Super Bowl (is it legal for me to write Super Bowl? I hope the NFL doesn’t chase me down for copyright infringement) accomplishments. The plan was to move forward on all of those … Continue reading

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