I am getting excited about the opportunities for this baby boomer in the world of education and technology, Google Drive to be exact.

When I became a teacher, life revolved around the intoxicating smell of a freshly printed purple ditto, chalk dust (perfecting my not slanting upward writing technique … baby boomer teacher friends will relate) and hiding behind a podium (in high heels AND hose, yes, pantyhose!!!)  If I was lucky, an overhead projector was included. When I joined my current district there was even more… how can I describe the thrill of having a white board where I could use ANY color of Expo Marker (purchased on my own…and would have micro-chipped each one if I could, somehow they disappeared frequently), well, I wasn’t sure there was anything better!

Until online grade books. ‘Nuff said.

Here is what is coming our way this fall – sign me up!

It hasn’t been released yet, the reason I think it will work for me is that it is so simple – as bells and whistles (and other tech-y stuff I don’t know the name of) are added, I will be able to infuse it at my pace. Isn’t it cool?

I’m almost able to walk by the neon markers in the back to school aisle now.

As I share with my students at the end of every week…make good choices!




About Susie

Wife, mother of 2 adult kiddos, high school Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, marginal blogger, native of the GPNW (Great Pacific Northwest) current midwesterner, and relatively new mother-in-law.
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