Snow Day(s!!!) 2013

I’m a teacher.

I like snow days.

I haven’t had a snow day in 2 years.

I was like a teenager with a crush on a boy, sitting by the phone (actually refreshing the district website every minute), waiting for the auto-alert call from our superintendent Thursday night hoping he would let us know that due to inclement weather (actually, pretty bad road conditions) there would be NO SCHOOL on Friday!! We had our first snow day on Thursday, after a 12 hour day of classes and parent-teacher conferences. Two days? Awesome.

After a celebratory glass of wine…ok, a 2nd celebratory glass of wine, I started my mental list. I’m not a good sleeper-inner, I knew I would be up early when the hubs left for work (poor guy, Wash U. never closes), so started thinking about everything I would do the next day.

I always create a long list of “things I am going to get accomplished” when  a snow day is announced. I am not a very good relaxer. And, I can say, I did get quite a few things accomplished – but not quite as many as my imaginary superwoman could do. Here, in pictures is how this teacher spent her 4 day weekend

Enjoy the forecast, a cup of coffee and one of my favorite blogs, Talk of the House.


Then, off to work on Project 333. (Read more about it here – I am not making the total 33 plunge, but did make a huge purge.)

Pile from the closet – before.

closet unloaded 2

Closet during.

clean closet

Here is the transformation! (hah, in my dreams…)


Friday brought a dose of reality and a workout provided mother nature…shoveling.


Saturday? I was sore (Thanks, Jillian Michaels and Mother Nature) so I had some real fun and ran errands…Sunday morning included these yummy Cinnamon Roll Pancakes  Sorry, these are “raw,” I ate mine before remembering to take a picture! Thanks for the inspiration (and calories…) Amanda!

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Yet ANOTHER walk with the dogs in the woods – this would have been a perfect day to ski, if the hubs enjoyed skiing and we lived somewhere you could really ski.


We saw a teepee on the trail.


Outhouses covered in snow. I am not an outhouse fan, but feel compelled to take pictures of them for some odd reason.

Outhouses in snow

I’m telling you, it was a BEAUTIFUL day! Bright blue skies, no wind and 38 degrees. Perfect.


Who can resist horses in coats?


To cap off a wonderful 4 day weekend, I decided to organize one of the drawers in the bathroom. I’m a girl who knows how to have fun, but I’ll just leave you with a little tease for next time…

all the stuff under the sink ina pile

Snow is in the forecast for Tuesday night, but I don’t think snow lightening will strike twice. This is a picture from a 4 day snow day break when I was in high school…please ignore the date. I’m sure the 1 Hour Photo Mat place got it wrong…

Snow 1972


About Susie

I teach Family and Consumer Sciences at a large suburban high school in the St. Louis metropolitan area and have been in the classroom since 1985 - my goal is to stay relevant and innovative even though I've been around long enough for Wilma Flintstone to have been my mentor! Married since 1983 and mom to two adult children who live out of state. About to become a first-time Mor-Mor (grandma) in December.
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2 Responses to Snow Day(s!!!) 2013

  1. mtetar says:

    Very nice post, and what’s the recipe for the pancake, and the DIY for the closet it looks great. Mtetar

  2. Wow! Thanks for the mention of my blog. You are so sweet! But I am VERY jealous of your snow days…we did not get one single flake this year, and I could surely use a snow day right now. This week has had report cards due and 51 state writing tests to grade with 2 rubrics each. NOT fun.)and not finished! My blog is having to wait another day on a new post, but I was just dropping by to say hello and found you “relaxing” by getting things done. 🙂

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