Intentions. Where DO they lead to?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I wouldn’t say I was necessarily in hell…rather a state of extreme action (imaginary) and inaction (reality). Yes, it has been almost 4 weeks since my last entry – that is the reality part of the phrase – but in my imagination I have done at least 3 posts; you just haven’t seen them. Really.

I started this blog a few years ago with the intent of looking at my old diaries from junior high/high school and seeing how my days were the same or different.  Somehow along the way I felt a need to start adding other things about my day-to-day life and in particular, what was going on in my classroom when school started last August. I’ve taken lots of pictures of things my students have made and today was going to be THE DAY, I was finally going to share the pictures and show the world the few friends who check out this blog the cool stuff my kids are school have done since they started sewing.

A project I was SO excited about for my 8th grade kids was to make pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer Pillowcase Project. I was very intentional about taking pictures of them using the rotary cutter, pinning, pressing, sewing and having a good time learning while doing some good for a great charity.  Most of said pictures somehow ended up being permanently deleted and this is all I have to show for the project, at least for now. The step-by step pictures are gonzo – I do have this one of the kids with some of the finished products – they made close to 50!

Then, I was going to share the step-by-step way I taught the 7th graders handsewing skills this year. Usually, they do the required stitches on a piece of felt, then sew it to a square of fabric, turn it in – done. I thought it would be more fun this year to do the stitches into a face, then as they learned to use the sewing machine, make the face into a little pillow. Cute idea, huh? Well, time is running out – their main projects MUST be finished by next Wednesday, so the cute little faces are sitting in their storage bins without being completed. Why does this seem to happen? Does anyone know how to carve more time out of a school year when you need it and make it go by more quickly when you don’t? Please share! At any rate, here is how far they got before the calendar stepped in and altered my plan – maybe some of them will be able to sew them together later this week.

When their cartoon pillows are finished, they will make some little flannel bears to be given to Layne’s Grace , an organization which provides comfort and support to parents whose babies are stillborn. Last year, students at two middle schools in our district (most in other teacher’s classes – time management is a recurring issue for me) made a lot of bears to donate – and were able to use their newly found sewing skills to bring comfort to those in need.

Wish me luck with the rest of the quarter…5 days to finish LOTS of projects. At least, that’s my intention. Here’s how my pile of grading looked a couple of years ago… that was NOT fun to work through on a chilly Saturday morning. I intend to keep up with grading this week…

I started this post today thinking I needed to apologize for my absence, but maybe I need to apologize for not recognizing the positives. Yeah, there are days when I feel as if I have paved a pretty nice path to you know where, but hindsight can provide some 20/20 perspective with a more positive spin. I fear the perfectionist in me has clouded my vision.

Oh, and I did check out my October 1970 entries – ironically I discovered a full-circle situation in my life. More on that one later this month, I promise.


About Susie

I teach Family and Consumer Sciences at a large suburban high school in the St. Louis metropolitan area and have been in the classroom since 1985 - my goal is to stay relevant and innovative even though I've been around long enough for Wilma Flintstone to have been my mentor! Married since 1983 and mom to two adult children who live out of state. About to become a first-time Mor-Mor (grandma) in December.
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2 Responses to Intentions. Where DO they lead to?

  1. LizB says:

    I know it’s hard to accept sometimes, but I believe you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are doing good things for others, and you are not forgetting to take care of yourself. Here’s a pat on the back from me…pat/pat/pat!

  2. Doug Hadley says:


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