The day is almost over – darkness is creeping in and here I sit.

I have a habit of trying to escape to where was I X number of years ago or only X more days/weeks until (fill in the blank) happens…  It’s my little escape from whatever bump in the road I find myself in. Sometimes it is wondering how many years until I can retire…but then, what would I do with myself?  I really do hate wishing a day away – you can’t buy more time. However, yesterday it was an extreme case of crabbyness (or is it crabiness?) whatever – the dogs and cat, on whom I took out my irritated state, probably didn’t care what the reason.  I can only imagine what I must have sounded like –

Why are you yelling at me why I am trying to put my head in your lap?

All I want is to go outside so I don’t poop on the floor!

You’ve been at school all day – we just want to be WITH you!!

I really didn’t even want to be with myself – but 4:45 p.m. is too early to go to bed, isn’t it?

It is rumored among people who enjoy exercise (not me, I do it because I have to or I would be the size of a barn) that working out can improve your mood. After debating with myselves – Crabby 1 and Crabbier 2 – the one who realizes she is going to be a mother-of-the-bride in 8 months (see – I do it all the time, this counting thing!) needs to get her arms in shape for the sleeveless dress she is planning on wearing. No flapping “wings” for this momma!

Body Pump, week 83 (I think – it’s only my 3rd week and no defined triceps…yet) won. One of the songs we work out to is Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams (ironically from 1984). Tracey, our instructor commented on what she was doing in the summer of ’69, she was 1 1/2 years old – geez, I could have been her babysitter! Changed her diaper! It gave me a whole new sense of power to realize that little tidbit (counting is a useful distraction tool when your muscles are screaming and you are trying to not hit yourself in the head with a bar bell) Back to ’69 – it was my first summer of teenager-hood, 13-years-old.  My recollections of that summer were hippies, war protests, the smell of the Patchouli perfume my sister wore and trying to figure out how to be cool while in junior high.

On the evidence of this photo, I would say there was a way to go before I was “cool”. However, I did know how to have “fun” – who else but me and my goofy cousin, Jan, would attract cows by singing to them. I believe this shot was taken not long after our first “Cow Concert” at my uncle and aunt’s farm in central Oregon – summer of ’69.

{BTW – the workout “worked”, I was in a much better mood when I came home, much to the relief of the pets.}

So, how does this tie into this day? This very sad day of remembrance, heroism and an ongoing sense of uncertainty?

I hadn’t pulled out my old calendars for quite a while; tonight I was curious as to what I was doing long before the world as I knew it was changed on that beautiful, sunny September day in 2001. I generally didn’t keep detailed journals once school started in September, but in 1969 I was faithful to my Peanuts Cartoon Datebook. Checking for Thursday, September 11 of that year, a smile came to my face as I read  what had happened on that day back then – my nephew, Christopher Michael Hadley was born in New York City on September 11, 1969. Here is my somewhat brief assessment of the news:

Dee & Doug had baby! Boy (blah!)  

guess I wanted a niece…sorry, Chris

I’ve since gotten over the fact he was a boy – and am so proud to call this young man my nephew. He is pursuing his Doctorate Degree at the Marquette in Milwaukee – and I can only hope that the Jesuits see fit to send him to St. Louis when he grows up.

Here he is on Trinity Sunday at Trinity Church (in the financial district in lower Manhattan) enjoying a balloon with my parents, Wayne and Eleanore. At that time, May 1970, I remember seeing the Twin Towers under construction – not far from where this church is located).

September 11 isn’t always an end – for some it is a beginning.


About Susie

I teach Family and Consumer Sciences at a large suburban high school in the St. Louis metropolitan area and have been in the classroom since 1985 - my goal is to stay relevant and innovative even though I've been around long enough for Wilma Flintstone to have been my mentor! Married since 1983 and mom to two adult children who live out of state. About to become a first-time Mor-Mor (grandma) in December.
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4 Responses to Reminiscing…

  1. jan says:

    What? Are you implying we weren’t cool? We were super cool…. and yes, our “era” of just missing the hippies was kinda lost… we were a few years short of them. Being the oldest is so different from being the youngest! I didn’t have anyone to model! hahah!!
    Just for the record, I do hope you know how much I loved your mom and dad. They were wonderful people and someday I might get to meet Christopher.
    Thanks for the mention. 🙂

  2. LizB says:

    Nice job, Susie! I really enjoyed this!

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