July 21, 1974 – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Sunday, July 21

A rather busy day! I had coffee & my milkshake (dieting…again and always) for breakfast, and then went to church with dad. The sermon was rather short today (always a plus). When I got home, Cathy had called, so I called back, and her mom drove us to Nord’s. It was crowded, but we didn’t have to wait too long for dressing rooms. I tried on hundreds of things but none of them B.P. pants fit me, nor the sweaters. Everything was pretty cheaply made. I did buy a pair of denim pants, which are pretty nice. We went downstairs and they didn’t have much. We worked our way out and went over to Fred’s. (Frederick & Nelson – the Seattle division of Marshall Fields which is now Macy’s; isn’t everything a Macy’s now???).

The diary entry continues with some specific purchase information and the discovery that I had lost my key somewhere along the way…

Ahh, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – an annual ritual that is a part of my summer and the first sign of “back to school.”  I can’t pinpoint when the sale become an annual EVENT, which, for anyone who is a loyal Nordstrom customer, an EVENT it is, but I have personal references dating in 1971. What I remember most is that Nordstrom had the BEST pencil boxes of any shoe store (when they sold only shoes before the early 1960s) and had a huge set of carousel-type horses you could ride when you were finished shopping. You can see them in this picture.

As an adult, I have tried to make it to the store at least once during the sale – no matter where I lived. I’ve been to Nordstrom in Chicago, Washington DC, Yakima, Phoenix, Portland, Spokane, and now St. Louis. When I haven’t been near a store, I have even had friends who worked there shop for me and send me stuff! THAT is a good friend (thanks, Carolyn).

Alas, it’s just not quite the same here in St. Louis – the history isn’t here, and the first day of the Anniversary Sale is just another day to everyone – but I still made the trek yesterday, tried on a few things and came to the conclusion that I need to keep running, count calories and try again NEXT year! They have an awesome sale, but their dressing rooms mirrors make my butt look fat. Or, maybe my butt IS fat…

I promised a gazpacho recipe, and still will post it – but I don’t have any pictures of the finished product. It’s so pretty the recipe alone just won’t do it justice. So, in the meantime, go to Nordstrom and try on some shoes – those mirrors don’t make anyone’s butt look fat!


About Susie

I teach Family and Consumer Sciences at a large suburban high school in the St. Louis metropolitan area and have been in the classroom since 1985 - my goal is to stay relevant and innovative even though I've been around long enough for Wilma Flintstone to have been my mentor! Married since 1983 and mom to two adult children who live out of state. About to become a first-time Mor-Mor (grandma) in December.
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2 Responses to July 21, 1974 – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

  1. Shannon says:

    Just an FYI – Frederick & Nelson was never a part of Federated, they were always independent. The Bon Marche was Federated owned and turned to a Macy’s in 2005. When F&N went out of business in 1992 they sold the Frango business to The Bon Marche and Frango’s are now available in all Macy’s stores. 😉

  2. Susie says:

    Yeah, I know – Frederick’s was a western division of Marshall Field – but Marshall Field in Chicago is now a Macy’s…and I”m still unhappy! I can buy Frangos at Macy’s here in St. Louis, but it’s just not the same as when mom took me to the Rhododendron Room in Bellevue Square. And it was ice cream. With Frango Mint Sauce….

    You have inspired me to get back to the blog – and I DID shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year.

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