Project in a Day…the pictures

Well, no cute little babies (yet) sporting the skirts, but I got the software installed and now I am back to photo-ville again. Don’t misunderstand, I LOVE my phone camera, but a “real” one is good now and then.

Tomorrow I leave for the 103rd annual AAFCS  (American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) conference in Indianapolis, IN. I am excited, as this is a wonderful conference with like-minded FCS professionals – not only teachers – sharing and learning how to share our profession with our community.

The relevance of FACS is being acknowledged, and I have to say that I agree! Here is an article from the Washington Post I enjoyed.

I’ll keep you posted!


About Susie

Wife, mother of 2 adult kiddos, high school Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, marginal blogger, native of the GPNW (Great Pacific Northwest) current midwesterner, and relatively new mother-in-law.
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