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…3 days of 100+ degrees in The ‘Lou

A friend had this on her Facebook page yesterday, it seems appropriate for the weather in the middle of the country lately. …come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve heard the ice cream truck come through the neighborhood … Continue reading

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I finally have my OWN sewing machine!

This has been an interesting day for St. Louis (we broke a record for a high temperature of 108°, but without humidity it feels just like Phoenix instead of the Bahamas), an interesting day for the country (Supreme Court decision) … Continue reading

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Project in a Day…the pictures

Well, no cute little babies (yet) sporting the skirts, but I got the software installed and now I am back to photo-ville again. Don’t misunderstand, I LOVE my phone camera, but a “real” one is good now and then. Tomorrow … Continue reading

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41 Years Ago..Summer Started in Moraga CA

June 21, 1971                                                                                                               Sunny 50 – 70º We left at 5:00 on the dot for a summer (well, 10 days) in Morgaga (sic). It was foggy and cold in the beginning so Cyndy and I slept until our first pit stop. … Continue reading

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A Project in a Day

I am a teacher. A Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) teacher who is on summer break. Despite the rumors, we don’t have 3 months off, more like 9 weeks, but I am not complaining. Many of the last few summers … Continue reading

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Congratulations, grads!

June 9, 1974 “…the lines got screwed up and I ended up going down with Jaime Graham. We were so rowdy!! The lights were sooo hot, and we couldn’t understand anything that they were said (sic). At least 6 or 7 … Continue reading

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It’s the Bird’s Fault

It's the Bird's Fault

This ottoman was the start of the reawakening of my inner FACS teacher. Lots more to come.

I just need to figure out some good excuses for a 3 month absence…

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