Third Time’s the Charm…Right?

To introduce myself, I am Susie – a baby boomer living in suburban St. Louis Missouri. I am a wife of 28+ years to my husband, Jim and mother of two great adult kids – Kate (25) and Brett (22). The four-legged members of the family are Wrigley, the amazing Golden Retriever and Sally, the noisy rescue cat.

During the day I teach middle school Family and Consumer Sciences – some of you may know my class as Home Economics – and yes, it IS alive and well in the curriculum of thousands of schools across the nation. I knew I wanted to teach as a 7th grader at Chinook Junior High in the 70s, nurtured by a wonderful teacher, Elaine Berge Hillyer. My out-of-school time is spent keeping our empty nest organized, trying new recipes, working on my daughter’s high school graduation quilt ( I know, she graduated from high school a few years ago), sewing and trying to get ready for a 5K run this spring and lots of time on Pinterest.

The thrid time reference goes to my first and second attempts at blogging. The posts from my first attempt, Musings of a 70s Middle Schooler are found below. Enjoy – and I look forward to spending some time as a middle schooler of the 20th century with you.


About Susie

Wife, mother of 2 adult kiddos, high school Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, marginal blogger, native of the GPNW (Great Pacific Northwest) current midwesterner, and relatively new mother-in-law.
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6 Responses to Third Time’s the Charm…Right?

  1. When my friends ask me when I learned to sew, I always say, “Home ec, where else?” I completely appreciate you as a former student and as a current teacher.

  2. Liz B. says:

    Love the blog! I haven’t read the old one yet, but plan to. Is the picture from your back yard?
    My junior high school home-ec teacher was Mrs. Murioto. She didn’t take anything from anyone! I took home-ec all three years in high school, thinking the “easy A” would help my gpa. The joke was on me! After 10th grade, none of it counted! Great post!

    • susiehamlin says:

      The picture is the side yard of my sister-in-law’s family cottage on Lake Charlevoix in Michigan – I spent every morning there on our vacation, drinking coffee, checking Facebook and reading. Heaven.

  3. D J Hadley says:

    Great pic of a summer day … in northern Michigan. Come again!

  4. susiehamlin says:

    @DJ – can’t wait, although it felt kind of like a northern Michigan summer day here in St. Louis…64 degrees on January 30? No snow days ahead for this teacher, I fear.

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