June 11, 1970

“Today was fun. At school we had an assembly with the “Rockets.” They are good. I babysat at the Bells until 1:00, then I went to Cheryl’s and made my bead ring, an apple pie, ate glunk, fruit salad and beans (glunk is rice, crab & shrimp). We tyed dyed a shirt & pillow. Kris & Beth slept outside.”

Well – glad to see the last day was “fun” – I wonder what happened to the Rockets? That darn Bell family seems to be intruding on my free time, but it is clear that my desire for some type of income outweighed my need for fun. I don’t think I am aware of a single kid from the middle school where I teach that went to babysit on the last day of school – but maybe I just don’t know them so well.

Wish I had that bead ring – I don’t remember that fad. What I do remember is Cheryl’s parents – Maryann and Joe – were the coolest people I knew in those days. Her dad was one of the first doctors involved with kidney dialysis at the University of Washington, which is probably why they moved to the Seattle area to begin with. Maryann taught us how to do embroidery – a skill I use today with my students. They were the first family to take me skiing. Dr. E. was one of the doctors that was “on call” at Ski Acres on the weekend, so free passes for all. I am forever grateful for the invite; it was the beginning of my love of skiing. As an adult in 1997, I found out skiing is a lot like riding a bike; it comes back! And, I love them because Maryann was at my mom’s funeral despite a freak snowstorm ion the day of her funeral in Seattle in 1989.

Crab and shrimp? My mom never made either one of those items unless it was from a can on top of a rectangle of cream cheese and covered with cocktail sauce.

On this day in 2011? Woke up early today and walked Wrigley a couple of miles before my Sharepoint website workshop at 8 a.m. Had a nice glass of chardonnay with Sara after – the best part about being an adult! There is no crab or shrimp on the menu tonight, Friday night is pizza night.  Tomorrow my friend Terri and I will be getting up early to join 60,000 of our best friends and walk in the Komen Race for the Cure.


About Susie

I teach Family and Consumer Sciences at a large suburban high school in the St. Louis metropolitan area and have been in the classroom since 1985 - my goal is to stay relevant and innovative even though I've been around long enough for Wilma Flintstone to have been my mentor! Married since 1983 and mom to two adult children who live out of state. About to become a first-time Mor-Mor (grandma) in December.
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